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Posts to NOT make at all
Posts to NOT make at all
  • The same post in multiple sub forums. This may get you a warning, or banned based on your previous history
  • A new redundant thread on your same question. If someone has told you to include more information, edit your original post or create a new post in your thread. If you don't like the answer, talk about it.
  • A post in someone else's thread for your own separate problem. If you wish to reference the other thread, link to it in your own thread. This is especially true for "necro" posts, which is a post which has gone a great deal of time without any posts.
  • Asking for or offering help via Skype, private messaging, email, or other personal avenue that can be out of the public eye. There is a reason we operate a public forum and not a programming help line. Advice given in a thread you post is not just meant to help you, but any others that come across a similar problem or just want to learn. This forum is for public education and going off-site or privately does not accomplish that

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