Forum Structure
It is better to just post in the section that best suits your question.
Because if it is not, your post will be moved, and will be mentioned on your thread anyway.
It is better to just take a second before posting to decide where the post should be in the first place.
This makes it a lot easier on us moderators and makes the whole forum database better organized.
  • General Coding Help
    Is intended for more specific questions related to a particular code snippet (generally it is expected that you provide your code and a traceback).
    It is also where you post all your code and beginner questions that do not fit into other categories.
    This section should force someone who responds to look through your code and tracebacks to answer your question.

  • Homework
  • Is for students who are taking a programming course, may be restricted in what they can use, or have other unusual limitations on solving the task
    • Homework Discussions
      are for discussing the homework questions and are restricted to users with more than 50 posts to avoid giving answers away to the students.
      Users may answer homework questions without the worry of giving the answer away to the student asking the question,
      challenge among other members for things like "most pythonic" or "least amount of lines", discuss the student themselves, etc.

  • GUI is where you post code regarding GUI code, such as Tkinter, wxPython, Qt, etc.

  • Game Development is where you ask questions regarding a gaming GUI framework such as Pygame, or the logic behind game development

  • Networking is for networking related questions about code. Such as sockets, Twisted, etc.

  • Web Development is for web dev related questions about code. Web frameworks such as Django, Flask, WSGI, etc.

  • Jobs are for if you want to pay a Python programmer to do the work for you.
    Or it is for if you have a job opening for a programmer and want to announce it.
    Job offers require salary, wage, or sum amount within the post.

  • News and Discussions are for news that you want to share pertaining to programming.
    Or it is for discussions about programming itself.
    It is for general advice, suggestions, or notifications that does not pertain to any particular piece of code (unlike General Coding Help).
    This section should not force someone who responds to look at any code snippets/tracebacks.

  • Tutorials is an accumulation of general tutorials that are approved by the majority of the forum moderators/admin.
    Any tutorial that does not fit the following sub-categories go here.
    • Tutorial Requests and Submissions are for if you want to submit a tutorial of any kind.
      If it is approved, it will be moved to the appropriate Tutorials section.
      You may also for a specific tutorial if we do not have one about it.
    • Python Installation and Execution Environments, Anaconda, terminal/command prompt, installers, building .exe's, etc.
      This is regarding installation or execution of python in any way.
    • Fundamentals The basic fundamentals of Python. strings, variables, lists, dicts, operators, loops, etc.
    • Common pitfalls and what to do Gotchas, what not to do, what to do, warnings, common pitfalls, etc.
    • Web Scraping Scraping text with Python, BS4, lxml, Scrapy, regex
    • Game Tutorials This forum is for tutorials related to gaming libraries such as Pygame, pyglet, or things such as game logic.
    • Web Tutorials Tutorials related to web frameworks such as Django, Flask, WSGI, etc.
    • GUI Tutorials Tutorials related to GUI frameworks such as Tkinter, PyQT, WxPython, etc.
    • Networking Tutorials Tutorials related to sockets, Twisted, etc.

  • Code Sharing This is a place to share finished code with other forum users.

  • Code Review Review of your code,so feedback can be a mix of better ways,style,optimization or others stuff that can help code quality.

  • Board is anything regarding the forum itself. Such as Request for plugins, board issues, suggestions, forum placement, etc.
    • Private Inquiries Threads you post here can only be seen by yourself and staff, everything within this forum is confidential.
      For questions pertaining to your account or other personal issues.

  • Bar is for anything off topic. Free to discuss almost anything.