User Titles

The user title is assigned to users based on post count. When a user gets above 1000 posts. They may be able to assign their own title or use the default titles. The default user titles theme comes from Monty Python, thus where Python the language's name came from.

User TitlePosts
Unladen Swallow 0
Programmer named Tim 5
Silly Frenchman 20
Not Blown Up Yet 50
Wafer-Thin Wafer 75
Lumberjack 100
Splitter 150
Spam, spam, eggs, and spam 200
Minister of Silly Walks 300
Verb Conjugator 500
Giant Foot 750
Da Bishop 1000
So-and-so of the Yard 2000
Black Knight 3000
Weighs the Same as a Duck 4000
Hovercraft Full of Eels 5000
Killer Bunny 6000
Shrubber 7000
Spanish Inquisitor 8000
Dead Parrot 9000
Knight Who Says Ni 10000