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Quote Select
This allows you to select multiple posts to quote. Select the quote select button from each of the posts you want to quote. Once you do this the green plus sign will change to a red minus sign indicating that the post has been selected for quote.
Then there a number of ways to insert those quotes into the post editors
  • go down and click new reply to insert all the quotes into the advanced editor
  • click the Quote Reply Button next to it (from any of the posts you quote) . This will also do the same thing as if you clicked "New Reply" from the bottom.
  • If you go down to the fast reply editor, there is a link at the bottom to add the selected quoted posts to the fast reply editor instead of the advanced reply editor. You also have the option to deselect them all.

Quote Reply Button
This button quotes the post on which the button you select and sends you to the advanced reply editor. If you selected any other posts with the quote select button those get added too.
Fast Quote
This button pushed will do similar as the Quote Reply Button. However instead of inserting and moving you to the advanced reply editor, it does it to the quick reply editor at the bottom of the thread. If you have text selected this fast quote button will only quote the highlighted text. Which makes it unique as the others quote the entire post.

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