Editing or deleting threads/posts/accounts
  • Users are not allowed to delete posts. Requests to delete a post will be denied unless mods/admins find it justifiable. This will not be immediate as your request will be deliberated over.
  • Users are not allowed to delete threads. Requests to delete a thread will be denied unless mods/admins find it justifiable. This will not be immediate as your request will be deliberated over.
  • Requests to delete accounts will be denied unless mods/admins find it justifiable (listed below). This will not be immediate as your request will be deliberated over.
If you would like to request a post/thread/account be deleted then make a post on the Private Inquiries section. This will be private between you and team members. Do not PM or email mods/admins. Do not report posts on your thread requesting to be deleted. Please note that by posting in Private Inquiries does not ensure that it will be deleted. This is just the official way to request it to be.

Account Deletion
Please note that by creating an account here that you have agreed to the terms of the Registration Agreement which entitles the forum to deny any requests. You also may just abandon your account and not log back in if you wish to delete your account.

We retain information to pass on to instructors and schools for cheating students. This information is vital in identifying the student that is cheating. Students also attempt to make duplicate accounts to avoid detection.

We log all account information to utilize against spam attacks. Many spammers will use the same email, usernames, and range of IP addresses, that we use to determine who is spamming and when they make duplicate accounts. Without logging this information, we would be less effective against spam.

This action is taken across all users, not just spammers and those that confess that are students.

Thread/Post Deletion
By posting on the forums you agree to the terms of the registration agreement of permitting us to retain that content for our database. You agree that any content you post is under the default MIT license allowing rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or even sell copies.

If everyone deleted their thread after they received help, we would have no threads for future users to read and help them. Just because the task deadline has passed does not mean we will remove it. Just because you got your solution does not mean we will remove it.

Another reason we do not delete threads are to keep a record of potential student cheating for professors. You should only be concerned if you are the second student copying code from the forums. If you are the original author, then more information to your identity might be better to prove that other students are cheating off you, instead of vice-versa.

Threads having no responses is not an automatic pass for deletion. People can wait a long time to get a response. There is no time limit to remove a thread if no one responds. Someone might answer eventually. If you solved it yourself, then please post back your fix to help others. If not, then someone answering it may help someone else later on.

Even if you answered your own question, your thread does not justify deletion. Someone, someday, may come across the same issue and come across your question googling around on how to resolve the same issue. Even if you just made a mistake and misread something from a book, the same can happen to another person (and does). The more reason to post a follow up with the fix to your question.

If you do not want to be bothered with your thread you have no interest in anymore, then you can unsubscribe from it. You will no longer be bothered by responses.

If you had the question, issue or misunderstanding, then someone else is almost guaranteed to have the same issue eventually. If the thread stays there, then there's a chance that future person will find it when searching on a search engine, and can get help without needing to even ask.

A thread is just a couple rows in a database. It's so few resources to keep, that it's really not even worth thinking about deleting for that reason.

By default we do not delete content from our forums period.

Editing Posts
Users with the edit permissions will be allowed to edit posts for a limited time.

The act of editing your post is not meant to be done in response to people responding. It is only meant for a mess up such as a typo, forgotten code, removing passwords in code, etc.

A restriction is better for the flow of dialogue. Imagine people posting responses to your initial post. You then edit that post. The posts after it no longer makes sense. Imagine someone coming to this thread having the exact same problem, and not being able to understand what is going on because people are editing their posts to say something different that what was there initially.

You are free to edit a post if it contains personal information (passwords, address, bank account numbers, ID numbers, etc.). And that is only to remove such content. Requests to remove private information within a post will not be hesitated by mods/admins.

A lot of students post questions and then delete all their posts to a single character to hide their questions after they get their answer. If you do this, your post will be reverted and your account will be locked.

You are (generally) free to modify the title to more explicitly explain your problem better. Please use a brief summary for the thread as a whole, even if the discussion changed to something different than originally intended.

If you need to modify a section of a post, please either make a new post, or append to the bottom of the post your corrected part. Please leave the rest of the post alone to not disrupt the flow of dialog. Most people who have already read a thread, do not check for edits, but only for new posts. You would be depriving yourself views by adding edits to your posts instead of making a new post.

Removal or modification of the original post (OP) will get you a warning, permanently locked posts, or even banned. Please do not do it. This is the post that lays the setting for all posts responding. If you feel you need to remove the OP or change it, please ask in Private Inquiries before doing so.

All edits are logged. Every single edit can be compared and/or reverted. A moderator may feel the need to revert your post if you removed it or too much to disrupt the flow of dialog. If done intentionally, you will be banned.

What is a justified reason for deletion?
Any information that is highly personal and should of never been posted to begin with. This includes but not limited to email addresses, phone numbers, passwords, websites, ID numbers, home addresses, social security numbers, bank account numbers, etc. What is determined as personal information is determined by team members.

We will not delete an entire post/thread solely based on the fact that one word needs to be removed from the post. Please make sure that you remove such personal content before you even post the first time. However, we will be happy to edit your post for you if you request to edit out such content if in the event your forget to remove it before posting. All you need to do is inform us.