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Some parts of this forum may require you to be logged in and registered. Registration is free and takes a few minutes to complete.

You are encouraged to register; once you register you will be able to post messages, set your own preferences, and maintain a profile.

Some of the features that generally require registration are subscriptions, changing of styles, accessing of your Personal Pad (simple notepad) and emailing forum members.

i am having problems registering
There may be times during a hiccup or unknown problem that a user may not be able to register. For this reason we have the IRC channel. Users do not need to be logged into the forums to log into the IRC channel. You can find the IRC channel chat in the #IRC toplink. More info here There are often numerous admins/mods that lurk in this channel. Be patient and they will respond at some point. Please leave as much information as possible...such as the username and email you are trying to register, what problems you are experiencing, etc. You may find your account fixed without any other information.

My account was deleted
Accounts activated with 0 posts and unactivated accounts are regularly pruned out. So if you dont have anything to say make a post just saying "hi" in the welcome thread. Otherwise you may find out the next time you attempt to sign in, your account might not exist. This is an anti-spam clog measure.

If you made a post with spammy content "advertisements" Then your account may have been removed as well. Users who do not follow the rules do NOT get their account removed, but their account is switched to locked privileges.

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