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Searching the forums
Searching the forums

The search top link in the forums allows you to search the forums. This method requires that you use a keyword or username. Either or both, but one must exist to search. Here you define your search even more by either forum, threads with X replies, thread dates, prefixes, post dates, etc.

At the bottom of each thread listing you will see the option to sort threads by various methods. The prefix sort option only will show if that forum is using any prefixes, otherwise it will not. For example in Tutorials you can look at the bottom of the thread listing and change prefix to [Basic] and select "Go". It will then list off tutorials with the prefix [Basic].

These user links allow quick access methods of searching. They also provide search methods that are inaccessible in the search toplink options such as egosearch, unanswered posts, or unread posts, etc. For more details see the link provided.

When you make a new thread, similar threads based on the thread title/subject pop up.

At the bottom of threads there are possible related threads options. They may be anywhere from none showing to 10 listing.

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