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Known Board Issues
Known Board Issues

Known Board Issues

Though we strive to have a perfect forum board, some things are a give and take. As we didnt write the code for the forum, there is not 100% control of the forum software as we wish we would have. The following are issues with the forums software that might arise on normal day to day use
  • Pasting code adds html tags. Such as copying from PyCharm IDE to here in WYSIWYG editor mode will retain text formatting.
  • If you have an empty list [] and preview the post, the editor will remove the empty list. This is an editor issue that we cannot control. You can bypass this issue by either not previewing the code, or by adding space(s) in between the two tags
  • empty, single, or double quotes escapes codebox's syntax highlighter such as if s[0] == "'" and s[-1] == "'": will mess up the syntax highlighter.
  • Some people's OS/browser doesnt allow the the use of fast quote ("Quote highlighted text" button). This is another issue with the editor.
  • The default editor is in source mode. If you toggle to WYSIWYG mode while code has been pasted in beforehand, then it will remove the indentation of the code. If you want WYSWYG mode, toggle to that before posting code. The WYSIWYG mode has been disabled.
The reason we put up with such editor issues is we chose the lesser of two evils as the other editor removed indentation all the time which is vital to python.

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