Forum Places of Interest
This is a list of thread/forums through-out the board that are at least embedded in a forum. Some are within sub-forums that may be hard to find.
  • Homework Discussions is only visible to users with 50+ posts. This is a place for discussions about homework questions or post responses to challenge other users without the worry of giving away the answer to the student.
  • Free computing E-Books thread when relevant. Notifications will be posted when available.
  • List of free python resources. Docs, blogs, books, videos, courses, etc.
  • List of free game resources. Images, music, sound effects, etc.
  • List of free software or coupons. Free game keys and game sales that are active at time of posting. Or any software that is useful such as IDE's, free courses, etc.
  • Collection of programming ideas. Want to program something and cant think of what?
  • New Users Introduce Yourself. New to the forum? Not sure what to say? Want us to know your history? Make a post so we know your account is not spam.
  • Private Inquiries. Threads you post here can only be seen by yourself and staff, everything within this forum is confidential. For questions pertaining to your account or other personal issues.
  • Tutorials. General tutorials in the main tutorial forum, while more specific tutorials go into their own sub-forum. Tutorials are approved by admin/mods on a per tutorial basis.
  • Tutorial Submission. Post your tutorial here and if admins/mods approve will be moved to the tutorial section.
  • Tutorial Requests. If there is no tutorial for what you are looking for you can make a post to request one here.
  • Better thread titles tutorial
python-forum external locations
  • Github joint projects
  • Reddit python-forum reddit location
  • IRC Forum Chat