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Private Messaging
Private Messaging
All private messages are logged. Spam, advertisements, abuse, or anything that violates our rules will be dealt with the same as if you made a thread.

Please DO NOT give answers with PM's as it degrades the whole point of a public forum.

Please do not PM coding questions to users/mods. Most users will inform you to put it on the board anyways. The reason we do this is so everyone can learn from others questions, instead of keeping it hidden away.

Please do not ask a mod or admin help via the PM system. Most times they will be ignored. But other times you may find that your PM is moved into the public eye as a thread.

If you need help with the board you can post in the board section. If you want to keep it private you can post in the private inquiry section. Please do not PM mods and admins. To delete private messages when you get close to 100% capacity, UserCP -> Inbox -> on the right-hand side there are checkboxes to select some/all PM ->Then at the bottom there is a Delete button.

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