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Posting thread solutions
Posting thread solutions
If you ask a question and then later find a solution from tinkering with it or from other locations, please post back the exact solution so future coders searching can find the answer here. Please do not just post "nevermind i figured it out". Think about how much it would of helped you if you found the exact question answered already posted here before you asked your question. There will always be someone in the future in your shoes.

If you see a thread answered, and know another method, feel free to answer it. Discussion from a single question could in theory never end. In our opinion, the more variations of answers to one question, the better. Though one answer is usually sufficient, we never label a thread as being answered and close it.

We usually frown on answering a question in PM as it is hidden from people it may help in the future. For example, if someone's question was answered in PM, that answer only helps that one person. Whereas on the forum publicly, it helps everyone who reads it, far into the future. And people do ask the same questions. Instead of them asking they could search the forum and read the thread. It might not be exactly their question, but it could answer enough to not have to ask a question at all. And PM answers ruins that opportunity.

Do not post solutions to threads in the homework section or possible homework-related threads elsewhere in which the author does not provide effort. See here for more information.

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