Who is python-forum.io/Contact

python-forum.io is not connected to the Python Software Foundation. We are the not the ones to contact regarding changing the python language or python.org site. Go here if you need to contact them.

We are a community of Python enthusiasts. We devote our free time to helping people learn Python. We enjoy the forum format over other communications. We are a group of people who have been at python-forum.org for many years (since 2003). From 2012-2013 there were 2 transitions of admins, with both these admins not responding to user requests. All the moderators and admins did not have root access to the server and unable to modify anything. At times the forum was completely down due to MySQL errors, with no way to reach the sole admin. The old admins were unwilling to change simple modifications and unwilling to allow server access for us to change such things, etc. The previous problem will not arise here as all admins have server, domain, forum, and host access.

If you need to contact the system admins here at python-forum.io, please leave a post at the Private Inquiry section within the Board forum. If you are unable to login to the forum, please use our IRC Freenode #python-forum.