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Past Decisions

Past Decisions

We tend to use the democratic approach and vote on most everything. If there is a feature that you find is missing in our forums check here to make sure we did not opt it out before suggesting to add it.

Things the majority have decided against
  • The use [SOLVED] tags. We dont want to take the responsibility to organize it. Most threads on our forum do get an answer. We have added a plugin for this
  • A separate forum for challenges or project euler. There is not enough activity for the need to have its own forum. This is a list of challenges. Please feel free to reply to this thread for any new ideas and they will be added.
  • Default code boxes. We now use python syntax highlighted codebox. And that is the main code box to use.
  • support plugin to allow best answer, etc.
  • profanity filters
  • security questions pertaining to python and its history
  • drag and drop attachment uploads (due to the way that plugin hosted the images off-site)
  • thread lock after X amount of days.
  • link restrictions based on post count have now been removed
  • community editing
  • Migrating to a different forum engine for
  • The forum will not use rank numbers instead of user titles. We will not alter user titles or get rid of them as the current ones are things that come from skits/movies of Monty Python.
  • This forum will not charge for service but will always be free
For more information regarding the history of changes on the board, see the board forum.

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