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Test folder - hshivaraj - Jun-19-2018

Hi guys
Just wanted to find out you options on this. I have a project folder like so

- project1
    - app1
        - src
    - app2 
        - src
    - app3
        - src
Each app is an application or component which makes up an entire system. My question is where would you put you test folder, do you create a test folder under each app and place yo unit test there? Or would you create one test folder under project, same level as app1 and place all your unit test there (maybe with subfolder test/app1/*.pc etc)?

Im only asking because, I almost go into a row making a decision about where to actually place these folder. Im in favor of the former, where each app has its own test folder. I want to what other do in this industry. If you choose one why?

I know its not big deal, however I feel like im missing something if im not right.

Many thanks

RE: Test folder - Larz60+ - Jun-20-2018

if the test is for an individual app, then I would put it at same level as the src directories.
If a complete project test, I would put it at the app level.