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Thanks to the mods - metulburr - Jul-27-2018

I would like to give a shout-out of appreciation to all mods that make this place run day to day. This is so much better of a community than we had 7 years ago when we were restricted to at one point only one mod and no admins here on a day to day basis. WE have come so far.

However there is specifically one moderator that should shine. I always see him on the mod logs every day moving threads to the proper sections, adding mod notes, etc. In comparison....If you look at mod logs and filter each mod and admin you will see @[buran] has around 50 pages of mod actions, where the rest of us are between 10-15 pages.

Again it takes all mods to moderate this place as not one person can be on 100% of the time. So again thanks!!!

RE: Thanks to the mods - buran - Jul-27-2018

Now, you're making me Blush!

RE: Thanks to the mods - micseydel - Jul-27-2018

I've definitely been having busy streaks (not active on the forum), I try to contribute but I definitely appreciate you all as well!

RE: Thanks to the mods - DeaD_EyE - Jul-27-2018

It's impossible to handle a forum without moderators.

They are needed to keep the order. Usually it's not their task to answer questions,
but like we've done this very often in our forum (it's dead),
the moderators here have a good knowledge and they want to share their knowledge.

Without moderators a forum will die definitely or
the administrator get a burnout syndrome at some point.

RE: Thanks to the mods - wavic - Jul-30-2018

When I log on I expect to see @buran online. I wonder how he manages to have time doing this... I may ask him one day. Smile
This is a priceless skill.

RE: Thanks to the mods - ichabod801 - Jul-30-2018

(Jul-30-2018, 06:54 AM)wavic Wrote: When I log on I expect to see @buran online.

At the time that I read this, buran was online.

Edit: My mistake, he wasn't.