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Car dashboard with TKinter - TMJJ - Dec-28-2016


I want to program a car dashboard in python which will be shown on a touchscreen connected to a raspberry pi. 
I will be able to read speed, rpm, battery voltage, battery temperature (it is in an electric car.)...
Now I now how I want to program the most signals, the only thing that I don't how to program a gauge with some blocks that show the value. 
I can't post a picture yet because I "I didn't prove yet that I'm not a spammer "   Tongue
But what I want is a normal speedo gauge, but instead of a needle I want some blocks that show the value.
I hope that somebody understands what I mean.
How do I need to program this? How do they do this in real applications?

Hopefully somebody can explain me this. I'm a hobby programmer. Not a pro ;)

Kind regards

RE: Car dashboard with TKinter - Larz60+ - Dec-28-2016

If you're looking for someone to do it for you, post in jobs

If you want to learn how to do this yourself,

go through some tkinter tutorials (look at Qt5 as well, it may be more suited
for this type of application)

then try some simpler projects .

When you feel confident enough, google  for examples of your type
of application. I would expect it to contain static images along with the dials, etc.