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imutils.grab_contours() error - reg - ignatius80 - Dec-18-2018


I am new to Python. Started to develop coding for image processing. I came across an example code for object detection( and tried to run the same in my PC installed with Python. When I run this code, I get the below error.
AttributeError: module 'imutils has no attribute 'grab_contours'

I have installed python through Anaconda.
The versions of different modules installed are
1. OpenCV 3.4.1
2. Python 3.6.7

Request someone to give us the solution to this problem.

X. Ignatius

RE: imutils.grab_contours() error - reg - scidam - Dec-18-2018

From the official repository of imutils package it follows that grab_contours was added to imutils 15 days ago.
It is likely, that your (installed) version of imutils doesn't include this function; So, you need to install the newest version of imutils from its github repository.