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Sending API request with two criteria - hey_arnold - Feb-07-2019

Hi All,

If I run the below it won't work, however if I remove one key & value from payload it returns and answer.

How do I give payload two keys and values and get a result? Is it something to do with they json keys? I noticed that I can replace operationaldatas with meta or operationaldata, do I need to use one of these to search for the other key:values?

import requests
import pandas as pd
payload = {'pointLabel':'Isle of Grain','periodFrom':'2019-02-07T06:00:00+01:00'}
r =  requests.get('', params = payload)
website_data = r.json()['operationaldatas']
df_entsog=pd.DataFrame([[k for k in i.values()] for i in website_data],
                          columns=[i for i in website_data[0].keys()])