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Django for beginners - Riccardo - Sep-08-2019

Hi, lately im interested in web framework. I red that the most popular are Django and Flask, and that Flask is more easy but has less functionality then Django, and Django is more powerful but less easy to learn. I found some tutorial on YouTube and i red some small free pdf to understand how Django works (basics), i red concepts and how is Django structure, (about the mtv structure). I state that i'm not a web developer, and I don't know anything about that. Im a totally beginner in web framework. So im searching for a very good book, that explain Django. Unfortunately so far i found only books that are too much professional, and books marked as "for beginners", but it doesn't explain logic of Django and how it works, but simply it explain how to build a website with Django for beginners, without explaining the logic (just only a step by step book tutorial). so i'm looking for a book that is for beginners, that starts with a simple level and gets a medium level. The book Im searching for, must have so much theory, followed by examples that put the theory into practice. The important thing is that it explains how it works. And then maybe a final project. The book must be for an audience that knows very little / nothing about web development. Then it must possibly also explain how html interacts with python, without explaining the html syntax, just the bare minimum (I then studied html alone).

However, the book must begin with a very basic level, but then continue until it reaches an intermediate level. I remember that the book must be in paper format if possible

Unfortunately I'm stuck now because I can't find a good book for beginners.
I hope you can help me, thanks Smile

PS:someone else like me that doesnt find good reference?

RE: Django for beginners - Riccardo - Sep-28-2019

Someone can help me? :) I haven't found good books yet.