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networkx to show traffic help to get started - paul41 - Nov-23-2019

I am going to be using both networkx and matplotlib to produce a graph.

The graph data input is 'currently' in the format of a dictionary. The dictionary comes in the following format:

Dict = {A > B: 1, A > C: 2, C > D: 3}

The letters respresenting the nodes. So above it means that A connects to B and A also connects to C...

The numbers actually represent a count, so my end goal is to produce thicker lines for a higher count or possibly a different colour based on the final look of the graph.

I'm just looking for a starting point. The dictionary is large and i have only given a very small sample as an example.

My questions:

1. Is there a way to use the dictionary in its present form with network x?

2. Should I look to convert the dictionary keys and split this out into a list format for example: (A, B), (A,C), (C,D). I think I can work out how to create the nodes and edges if it is in this format. However, if I go down this route I am not sure how I will be able to relate each connection as a count to create the thickness of the lines. So say A > B has a count of 1 and A to C has a count of C.

Any help in getting me started would be much appreciated. I'm hoping you understand what I am trying to do :-)