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Real Python Course - Davy_Jones_XIV - Nov-28-2019


Just checking has any one taken the real python course and vids? If so, what are your thoughts about the course and vids?


RE: Real Python Course - ThomasL - Nov-28-2019

Are you asking about one specific course or about all content offered on ?

RE: Real Python Course - Davy_Jones_XIV - Nov-29-2019

Hi Thomas. Thanks for replying.

Honestly I mean all content, from beginners to advance.

I have been using coursea, but some of the real python courses and vids caught my eye.

I have been looking at bootcamps, but the most affordable one is GA and even that's still 4k.

Am trying to shore up my shortcomings and understanding the language. I LOVE Python, just get frusterated learning at times.

RE: Real Python Course - ThomasL - Nov-29-2019

ThereĀ“s so much free content out there that i see any need to participate in a bootcamp
other than this is exactly the environment you need to learn.

I myself learned Python programming watching Youtube videos, got into AI, Deep Learning, CNNs, RNNs, etc.
just watching free content.

I watched Dan Baders (the creator of realpyhon) videos two years ago and learned a lot.
I also subscribed to his newletters and if i see something interesting take a closer look.
If you can spend the monthly costs go for a membership.

RE: Real Python Course - Davy_Jones_XIV - Nov-30-2019

Hey Thomas,

I have really consumed A LOT of free content. From Udemy to Coursera, to books (about 30) in my personal library.

I understand all of the basics. At least I feel I do. My current problem is I need a mentor. Someone that can show me the small things I am missing that connect all of the dots.

Like I understand how to create a list, a for loop, a dictionary, etc. But when I go to create something, I hit a wall. I don't see how to start it. That is what frustrates me.

I think you just gave me an idea for my next post. Thanks!