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[split] Format Q - monay48 - Jan-16-2020

Dear friends,
I'm new at the forum and I couldn't find how to open a thread. So I'm writing here hoping that someone can help me. I'm new at Python. I've downloaded 3.7.6. And as everyone does, I've started printing Hello World. :-)
I opened a notepad and wrote the code, then saved it as a py file. When I try to run it, a blank dos window appears,and disappears in a second. Isn't it possible to run the file from a .py file?
When I used the IDLE, I saved the file on a folder. When I try to run, the result is the same. But I can click the "edit it with idle" button and then I click run button.
Am I doing something wrong?

RE: [split] Format Q - buran - Jan-16-2020

don't click on the py file
open cmd window and type