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EOF error while taking input - ShishirModi - Sep-27-2020

Hey there!
I had been using Eclipse IDE for python for some time now but switched to Visual Studio Code with Python extension. Just to give the IDE a test run, I ran the following code:

name = input("Please enter your name: ")
print("Hello " + name + "!")
I'm pretty sure that this would run normally in Eclipse but in Visual Studio and other IDEs, it has been giving me an EOF error. I tried replacing "input" with "raw_input" (because I read that it might help), but then I get an error saying "raw_input" isn't defined.
Please help me out with this.

RE: EOF error while taking input - jefsummers - Sep-27-2020

Do you have a return character at the end of line 2?
Can you post the exact error? I just copied and pasted your code into VSC and it ran fine.