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SharePoint Online/365 authentication using .cer file - mart79 - Nov-08-2020


I want to access our corporate SharePoint Online/365 site to collect information from our lists and/or libraries.
For this I have a cer file but, I need some help setting up the code to access the list/library using Python.

I managed to get it working for one of our older sites, which runs on SharePoint 2013, see below. But how do I set up something similar for SharePoint Online/365?

import requests
from requests_negotiate_sspi import HttpNegotiateAuth
from requests.exceptions import HTTPError
from requests.exceptions import Timeout
import xmltodict

# certificate location
cert = "[local folder]\\file.cer"

# site
site = 'https://[sharepoint site]'

# library
lib = '[library]'

path = r"{}_api/web/lists/GetByTitle('{}')/items?".format(site, lib)

    # timeout = 2 seconds for establishing connection to server, 5 seconds to receive data from server
    response = requests.get(
        verify=cert, timeout=(2, 5))

    # raise error if applicable (eg. 404 etc.)

except Timeout:
    print('The request timed out')
except HTTPError as http_err:
    print(f'HTTP error occurred: {http_err}')
except Exception as err:
    print(f'Other error occurred: {err}')

data_xml = xmltodict.parse(response.content)