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Problem updating value in MySQL database - dangermaus33 - Nov-24-2020

I made a simple app to read the product names and prices from a small database. You can change the prices and then commit them back to database. It runs without any errors but the values don't seem to update. When I print the value being written to the database it looks like it might be a list and there are multiple values. Can you take a look at my code and let me know where I am going wrong?

from tkinter import *
import mysql.connector

class Application(Frame):

   def __init__(self, master):
       super(Application, self).__init__(master)

       self.mydb = mysql.connector.connect(

       self.mycursor = self.mydb.cursor()
       self.prices = []
       self.products = []
       self.mycursor.execute("SELECT product, price FROM products")
       self.row = self.mycursor.fetchone()
       while self.row is not None:
           self.row = self.mycursor.fetchone()

   def create_widgets(self):
       self.lblproduct = list(self.products)
       self.entprice = list(self.prices)
       line = 1
       self.label0 = Label(self, text="Product Prices")
       self.label0.grid(row=0, column=0, columnspan=2, sticky=W)

       self.heading1 = Label(self, text="Product")
       self.heading1.grid(row=line, column=0, sticky=W)
       self.heading2 = Label(self, text="Price")
       self.heading2.grid(row=line, column=1, sticky=W)

       for i in range(len(self.products)):
           line = line + 1
           self.lblproduct[i] = Label(self, text=self.products[i])
           self.lblproduct[i].grid(row=line, column=0, sticky=W)
           self.entprice[i] = Entry(self, width=5)
           self.entprice[i].grid(row=line, column=1, sticky=W)
           self.entprice[i].insert(END, self.prices[i])

       self.label4 = Label(self, text="")
       self.label4.grid(row=line, column=0)
       self.button1 = Button(self, text="Update prices", command=self.update)
       line = line + 1
       self.button1.grid(row=line, column=0, sticky=W)
       self.entry4 = Entry(self, width=10)
       self.entry4.grid(row=line, column=1)

   def update(self):
       for i in range(len(self.products)):
           # print(self.prices[i])
           self.prices[i] = self.entprice[i].get()

       for i in range(len(self.products)):
           sql = "UPDATE products SET price = %s WHERE product = %s"
           val = (self.products[i], self.prices[i])
           # print(self.prices[i])
           self.mycursor.execute(sql, val)
       self.entry4.insert(END, "Updated")

window = Tk()
window.title("Product Prices")
app = Application(window)

RE: Problem updating value in MySQL database - dangermaus33 - Nov-24-2020

Never mind. I found my error.