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Installing python3-devel from source on centos6 - judith - Dec-04-2020

We've got a centos6 build environment, with all the typical gcc tools (gcc 4.4.7) for C++ dev.

I want to play around with python integration into our C++ modules, for which I need python3-devel. I have to be very careful not to affect any of our existing build processes and settings, since we're building our production code in this environment. So I want to build python from source using our existing build tools.

I have already upgraded the centos6 python 2.6.6 to python 3.6.10 by doing

cd Python-3.6.10
./configure --enable-optimizations
make altinstall
according to I did NOT first install the dev tools as I don't want to mess up our exisiting dev environment.

So now I've got python3, but I don't have python3-devel. I can't find any info on where to get that source package from; all the google searches I do refer to using pip or yum to install binary packages, which I do not want to do.

PS Apologies is this question is inappropriate to the forum, I could not find a more appropriate active topic to post it on.