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Sample training small model - AndrzejB - Mar-21-2023

I am just starting deep learning. I now have only laptop without dedicated GPU.
I search code and dataset for deep learning model in reasonable time interval.
One classic problem is handwritten letters ,but I prefer not image but other data, especially NLP. I wanna run code on my laptop and in future compare time when I buy computer with GPU.

RE: Sample training small model - Larz60+ - Mar-21-2023

Depending on what exactly you plan to do (you are quite vague),
a laptop may not have enough memory or processing power to be effective.
The NLP corpora can require a large amount of memory and/or disk space, But you might be ok with a smaller project.
Please elaborate on exactly what your goal is, what you have for a laptop, memory, disk space, etc.

you might want to take a look at the NLTK package here

RE: Sample training small model - AndrzejB - Mar-21-2023

Laptop has 1 TB whole disk (about 700 GB free), 20 GiB RAM, processor I3 8th generation, main problem is GPU build with CPU. If no NLP, is any small maybe toy problem?

RE: Sample training small model - jefsummers - Mar-22-2023

i3 may be your bottleneck. Consider using Google Colab as a stopgap. You can use GPU or TPU hardware acceleration on their dime. And they have a lot of dimes.

Did an IBM course through Coursera where one assignment kept crashing on the IBM platform (you got a Watson account with the course). Moved the code to Colab and it ran just fine.