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ReportLab - ek5442 - Aug-24-2017

I have 7 pages pdf file and I am trying to write on existing pdf file . I can write on the first page however I cannot write on the rest of pages 
            output = PdfFileWriter()

            new_pdf = PdfFileReader(self.packet)
            existing_pdf = PdfFileReader(open(filename,"rb"))
            for i in range(0,existing_pdf.getNumPages()):
                page = existing_pdf.getPage(0)
            outputStream = open('/home/egor/destination.pdf',"wb")

RE: ReportLab - Larz60+ - Aug-24-2017

Have you seen this page:

RE: ReportLab - ek5442 - Aug-24-2017

I could not find any relevant examples from there