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RE: code to run in python3 - Skaperen - Nov-16-2017

yes, the www. works.  i tried that when i saw it in the name list from the cert and it worked.  firefox is up to date with what ubuntu has.  but it won't matter since the issue is a missing name (the apex name) in the cert.  i don't know why it works for you.  maybe your browser cached a redirect (python dot org -> www dot python dot org) from before this issue or maybe its logic is to try the www. on failue (i think firefox tries it if the DNS name is missing).  maybe the workaround is to remove the A and AAAA records from the apex name in their DNS.

i tried all of these addresses:
lt1/forums /home/forums 21> addr        86400    in    a        86400    in    aaaa    2001:4802:7901:0:e60a:1375:0:6 lt1/forums /home/forums 22> addr        86400    in    cname        86400    in    cname lt1/forums /home/forums 23> addr    30    in    aaaa    2a04:4e42:9::223    30    in    a lt1/forums /home/forums 24>

at least i can access the site, now.  but, many others might not be able to.

i wonder if there is a (python) program to get the cert from a SSL/TLS site/port.

firefox's behavior is mostly correct.  it still should allow at least a one-time exception with an HSTS warning or confirmation.

hmm. all these posts ended up in the wrong thread.

looks like the thread shift happened yesterday.  too late to move things, now.

am i talking to myself, again?