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    Thread: Google Sheets API Error
Post: RE: Google Sheets API Error

From the navigation menu, hover over APIs and Services, select Library. Search for and click on the Google Sheets API tile, Click on Enable. If your getting problem of error with APIs so you should st...
azajali43 Web Scraping & Web Development 3 1,704 Jun-02-2020, 05:50 AM
    Thread: UnBoundLocalError
Post: RE: UnBoundLocalError

You can solve UnboundLocalError by changing the scope of the variable that complains. You need to explicitly declare the global variable. The scope of the variable x in the printx function is global. ...
azajali43 General Coding Help 3 837 May-31-2020, 07:22 AM
    Thread: How to create an Excel app that runs Python?
Post: RE: How to create an Excel app that runs Python?

The open pyxl module allows Python programs to read and edit Excel spreadsheet files. Both LibreOffice Calc and Open Office Calc work with Excel. xlsx file format for spreadsheets, which means that th...
azajali43 General Coding Help 3 719 May-29-2020, 06:35 AM
    Thread: Can't read text file with pandas
Post: RE: Can't read text file with pandas

You can follow the instruction: Read_csv() to read a text file. Call pd. read_csv(file) with the path name of a text file as file to return a pd. read_csv() in the Pandas documentation.
azajali43 Data Science 6 5,642 May-24-2020, 06:13 AM

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