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Recommended way to store users,db credentials in a Python project?
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Recommended way to store users,db credentials in a Python project?
I am working on a project where I am storing DB and users's credentials inside python code.
For example I have a script which do crud operations and I am storing credential in this script as below-
credentials = {
"UAT": {
    "host": 'UAT_HOST',
    "port": UAT_PORT_Num,
    "read_db": 'SCHEMA_1',
    "write_db": 'SCHEMA_2',
    "user": 'UAT_USER',
    "password": 'UAT_PASSWORD'
"S3": {
    "KEY": 'S3_KEY',
Similarly I have a script where I am using credentials like-
STORE_ID = '1'
URL = ''
environment = 'UAT'
I need to move above credentials in a secure place but I don't have any idea how to do that.
I am using Python3.6,Mysql.
Can you please suggest me what will be the standard approach?
I am sure that many of you have worked on a Project and you must be not using credentials in your python code.
So Guyz share your learnings and best practice here!

It seems I got my answer so sharing for others also-

If you have any better one then please share .
You can find accidentally uploaded credentials on GitHub.
It's a bad idea to store the credentials in source code.
Just follow the concept, which is usee regular in PHP-Projects like Wordpress.
They store the credentials in a configuration file. If the project is hosted on GitHub,
you upload a credentials.example.ini instead your credentials. Additionally, if you use a vcs,
put your own credentials file on a ignore list. This file should never be uploaded.
Otherwise you'll have guests on your account ;-)

You can parse ini files with:
Or you just use the json format.
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