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lab experiment / encryption
Hi Guys,

I would like to program an application for a laboratory experiment, with which test persons should decrypt different letter sequences in numbers. The encryption is settled. The test subjects work in threes and can communicate (only) through a chat. Once each of the three has translated the word correctly into the numbers, the next word follows. In the history, the previous translated words and their numbers are shown. The group receives points (Taler) for each correctly translated word. The game lasts 45 minutes.

[Image: UntitledDiagram.jpg]

It should take place in a laboratory environment with 24 PCs. The PCs access one drive and have no internet connection. The players enter their PC number first. Then a group with two more PCs is formed and the game starts. At the end of the game, some variables are output in an Excel and the participants are paid for their "Taler".
I hope everything is clear so far. Pretty simple, actually.

I wonder how best to do that in Python. I've been more involved in web development (and not in Python Big Grin ), but I'm very interested in programming this experiment. Do you think it makes sense to implement something in Python? With Tkinter? Is there a suitable framework, an IDE?

I am happy about every answer!

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