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understanding sorted key parameter
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understanding sorted key parameter
Can someone explain what is happening in the following sorting action:

I have a list:
L = ['breathe', '_', 'd', '+', 'a', 'bear']
If i sort it with the key parameter checking if there is an item in the list:

sorted(l,key=lambda x: x=="a")
"a" is replaced as the last item in the sorted list:

['breathe', '_', 'd', '+', 'bear', 'a']
What is happening?
Output of key function defines which element is "larger". x == 'a' produces False for each element but 'a', and since

False < True
and default sort order is ascending, element 'a' becomes the "largest" element
Test everything in a Python shell (iPython, Azure Notebook, etc.)
  • Someone gave you an advice you liked? Test it - maybe the advice was actually bad.
  • Someone gave you an advice you think is bad? Test it before arguing - maybe it was good.
  • You posted a claim that something you did not test works? Be prepared to eat your hat.
Great, many thanks!

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