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Multiple expressions with "or" keyword
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Multiple expressions with "or" keyword
if input_value == "Yes" or "yes" or "y" or "Y":

A simple mistake: each expression after a or keyword is a boolean expression. And any string value other than "" is evaluated to True.

So this if statement will pass:
if "Yes":
And so will this:
if "No":
But this won't:
if "":
Introducing the or keyword to separate conditional booleans you need to realize that this passes the if clause:
if "Yes" or "No":
Because both strings evaluate to True. Hence this does the same thing:
if True or True:
Now, you are using the comparison operand (==) in you if clauses. It works the way you have set it without the or keyword:
if value == "Yes":
This passes if value is "Yes". But when you do this:
if value == "Yes" or "Y": are in fact doing this:
if value == "Yes" or True:
And it will always pass. What you want instead is:
if value == "Yes" or value == "Y":
Because both expressions are evaluated to either True or False, and the if clause passes if any of them is True.

As a side-note, this is a more "pythonic" way of doing this sort of thing with the "in" operator:
if value in ("Yes", "Y", "yes", "y", "yay", "jup", "argh"):
Or rather:
yes = ("Yes", "Y", "yes", "y")
if value in yes:
or rather:
value = "Yes"
if value.lower()[0] == 'y':
This will account for all ("Yes", "Y", "yes", "y"). However this will allow input such as "yellow" to slip by.
I've made this sticky, since it's such a common pitfall.
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