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Attibute Error: Two methods in a class, one I can reach, the other not (phantom file?
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Attibute Error: Two methods in a class, one I can reach, the other not (phantom file?
This is my first post so ... forgive any faux pas.
AttributeError: 'DatabaseProcess' object has no attribute 'update_card_in_information_from_card_number'
Python3.6 asyncio

This seems straightforward, right? The name must be wrong:

The calling program: Note that the first line causes a problem. If that line is commented the second line succeeeds.

import asyncio
import logging
import json
from Database.database import Database
from Database.database_processes import DatabaseProcess
        self.dbprocess = DatabaseProcess(self.log, self.database)
        await self.dbprocess.update_card_in_information_from_card_number(request.requestor, request.card_number)
        request.card_record = await self.dbprocess.get_card_record_from_card_number(request.card_number)
Here is the class(callee):

import asyncio
import logging

class DatabaseProcess(object):
    def __init__(self, log, database):
        self.database = database

    async def get_card_record_from_card_number(self, card_number):
        stmt = "select * from cards where card_number = '{}' and dt_inactivated is null".format(card_number)

    async def update_card_in_information_from_card_number(self, machine_id, card_number):
        exec_stmt = "update cards set dt_last_inserted = now(), last_machine_id = %s where card_number = %s"
Here is where it goes bonkers: if I go to the file which contains the DatabaseProcess class and mangle the second name, the one that works, it keeps working.

Aha! we say, must be a duplicate file somewhere in teh path where this class is defined as well ...

It seems not!

grep 'class DatabaseProcess' find / -name 'database*.py'

grep 'a' find . -name 'database*.py'

[email protected]:/home/.../Database# grep 'class DatabaseProcess' find .../projects/ -name '*.py*'
/home/gary/projects/Brix/Database/ DatabaseProcess(object):

FINDS IT, that is where I expect it to be. The search starts very high in the directory tree, high enough to find it anywhere.

But this finds nothing in dist-packages (and I wuld not exepct it to becasue this is a dev box)
[email protected]:/home/.../Database# grep 'class DatabaseProcess' find /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/ -name '*.py*'

What am I missing? Thanks for helpting!
Explained in a more abstract way, a program is finding a class in a place that i can't determine:

Datum 1:
have a program P that instantiates a class C in file with two methods, A and B
import the_dir_where_C_is.C import C
from P: A is called before B
this produces an error: Attribute Error: 'C' object has no attribute 'A'
if I comment the call to A, B executes w/o problem

Datum 2:
if I go to file and mangle the 'B' method (by giving it name X), the progra P still runs

Conclusion 1:
program P is NOT using to get class C.

Datum 3:
The prohect only has one
If B is being obtained elsewhere then there must be a file "" which contains it
greping for 'B' should find the file
I used find from / and it only found one
I grepped huge chunks of the computer for "def B" and found nothing
$PYTHONPATH is empty
The Pycharm IDE finds the missing "def A" without problems
It seems to be a problme when I switch from the dev user to runnig under sudo (root). Has to do with paths ... I can get that, what I don;t understand is where is it getting the "phantom file" that contains update_card_in_information_from_card_number but not update_card_in_information_from_card_number.
You could try
import inspect
print('HERE --> ', inspect.getsourcefile(DatabaseProcess))
The problem was that I keep the programs and the classes at the same level.
I found the solution in creating a run file just above the directories:

top directory
import programs.my_prog
       from classes.myclass import ...     

This link helps:

I think this solves the problme

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