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Python script runs on startup but does not register keystrokes.
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Python script runs on startup but does not register keystrokes.
I am using a raspberry pi zero to control a servo, using a wireless keyboard for a remote. I have an Adafruit 16 channel servo control, using Raspbian Jessie.

I modified the (open source) test script to accept keystrokes and change direction on the servo. I was hoping for something that would stop when I released the button but I have settled for a stop on up or down arrow when correct position is reached.

The script works well, and I've added it to /etc/rc.local with a 10-second delay. The zero boots to the terminal, the script starts with the familiar blank screen and flashing cursor. But it does not register keystrokes.

When I start the script manually it works fine, even if I ctrl=c out and start again. When I press up, the last text I typed in terminal (from my previous session) appears on the screen.

It seems that the keyboard is tied to the terminal, but I need it tied to the application.

I have the script below if it helps. As mentioned before, I did modify it from the Adafruit script.


# Simple demo of the PCA9685 PWM servo/LED controller library.
# This will move channel 0 from min to max position repeatedly.
# Original Author: Tony DiCola
# License: Public Domain

import time
import Adafruit_PCA9685
import curses

# Uncomment to enable debug output.
#import logging

# Initialise the PCA9685 using the default address (0x40).
pwm = Adafruit_PCA9685.PCA9685()

# Configure min and max servo pulse lengths
servo_min = 385  # Min pulse length out of 4096 150
servo_max = 400  # Max pulse length out of 4096 600
servo_off = 394

# Helper function to make setting a servo pulse width simpler.
def set_servo_pulse(channel, pulse):
    pulse_length = 20    # 1,000,000 us per second
    pulse_length //= 60       # 60 Hz
    print('{0}us per period'.format(pulse_length))
    pulse_length //= 4096     # 12 bits of resolution
    print('{0}us per bit'.format(pulse_length))
    pulse *= 1000 #1000
    pulse //= pulse_length
    pwm.set_pwm(channel, 0, pulse)

# Set frequency to 60hz, good for servos.

screen = curses.initscr()

	while True:
		char = screen.getch()
		if char == ord('q'):
		elif char == curses.KEY_LEFT:
			pwm.set_pwm(0, 0, servo_min)
		elif char == curses.KEY_RIGHT:
			pwm.set_pwm(0, 0, servo_max)
		elif char == curses.KEY_DOWN:
			pwm.set_pwm(0, 0, servo_off)
		elif char == curses.KEY_UP:
			pwm.set_pwm(0, 0, servo_off)

    curses.nocbreak(); screen.keypad(0); curses.echo()
Just for a quick check try setting up wasd for up/down/left/right to determine if the keyboard is communicating at all.
(Sep-06-2018, 07:34 PM)Vysero Wrote: Just for a quick check try setting up wasd for up/down/left/right to determine if the keyboard is communicating at all.

Ok - I did try this, and the output displayed on the screen as well, instead of being registered as program inputs.
Ok, I have it fixed now. I kept looking around and added the command line to the ~/.bashrc instead of rc.local. It seems it was stuck in limbo between background and foreground.

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