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Need Help With Text to Speech App
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Need Help With Text to Speech App

I'm very new to Linux & programming in general. What encouraged me to get started was my grandmother getting throat surgery and losing her voice. So I thought I would get a text to speech app for my Raspberry Pi so she would be able to use that as she goes through speech therapy.

I followed this blogpost ( and got everything downloaded and installed. What I wanted to know is how to make a specific command prompt for the program, so that the only thing she would have to type is what she wants to say instead of having to type the command every single time.

The code is as follows

"espeak "Text you wish to hear back" 2>/dev/null"

How can I make it so that the first and last part of it are static, while the part where she would type what she wants to say is the only part she would have to edit?

Sorry if my wording isn't great. I'm in way over my head and don't entirely understand this sutff.

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