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How does this definition/directory work?
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How does this definition/directory work?
Dear forum,

I'm pretty new to python but my program knowledge of other languages is good.
I got a piece of code that is working fine. Taken from a example, it has a directory cgi which finds dots on a grid.
The struggle for me to find out is how can you have acces to these variables if you want to use in a other definition/function.

                candidate_grid_ids, cgi_info, grid_id_prev_cost = {}, {}, []
                for xy_id, _, cost, _ in paths[-1]:
                    self.grid.get_grid_within_reach(xy_id, xy_id, cost, delta_t, 0, CONFIG.speed, 1, candidate_grid_ids, cgi_info, CONFIG.mot)
                unique_cgi_with_info = {}
                for (cgi, cost), xy_id in candidate_grid_ids.items():  
                    self.turtle.dot_xyz_tmp(*self.grid.xy[cgi], color='red4', dotsize=4, update=False) if CONFIG.live_visuals else 0

                    if cgi not in unique_cgi_with_info or (cgi in unique_cgi_with_info and cost < unique_cgi_with_info[cgi]['cost']):
                        unique_cgi_with_info[cgi] = {'cost': cost, 'xy_id': xy_id,'xy_ids_between': self.grid.reconstruct_between_updates(cgi_info, xy_id, cgi)}


#-----------------------------------My new function-------------------------------------------
    def filter_cgi_with_orientation(self, unique_cgi_with_info):

        for cgi, info in unique_cgi_with_info.items():
            x,y = self.grid.xy[xy_id] #This is what I want but xy_id is undefined???
            print('\n', cgi, info,'x:',x)
When i print the "info" it gives me the xy_id and a bunch of other stuff.
But how do I get the xy_id var in my code?
I hope you guys understand what I mean, feel free to ask for more info.

It is probably self.grid.xy['xy_id']
(Nov-06-2018, 06:14 PM)Gribouillis Wrote: It is probably self.grid.xy['xy_id']

Its indeed between '' thank you very much!

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