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Help! Turtle not working, even when we click the turtle demo in IDLE nothing happens.
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Help! Turtle not working, even when we click the turtle demo in IDLE nothing happens.
Any help appreciated, learning python with young son and both complete beginners, son is going well and has been creating basic programs, he is just trying turtle and it just doesn't seem to be there. Even if he tries to open the turtle demo in IDLE nothing happens at all no new window nothing - completely uninstalled and reinstalled 3.7.2 no difference - doesn't seem to be anything he's doing so wondering if there are any other things/ settings that may need changing??? - any help would be much appreciated - Thanks
Try running the demo from the command line. If there's an error, you'll be able to see it (instead of the window just closing before you can read it). Plus, IDLE is well known within the python community to be a really bad editor that doesn't even work with some modules.

Once it works from the command line, then try getting it to work from an editor. And once you're at that step, I personally think Visual Studio Code is a great (and free) product from Microsoft:
Hi nilamo - sorry but can you elaborate "Try running the demo from the command line" at the moment he is trying to run it from the of the three drop down options in the menu under Help. How is that done?
I'll elaborate. He/She meant to use python to bring out Turtle. Here.
import turtle         #Essential
turtle.Pen()          #Essential
tp = turtle.Pen()     #Helps to make it easier to type
tp.left(90)           #The rest is code to test it out
tp.color('green'), 180)

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