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Python unittest - running multiple tests from CSV file
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Python unittest - running multiple tests from CSV file
class TestSuites(unittest.TestCase):

    def completeTest(self):
        pathCSV = r'pathToCSV\testCSV.csv'

        with open(pathCSV, 'rb') as csvfile:
            reader = csv.reader(csvfile)
            for row in reader:
                for item in row:
                        getattr(MyFile.myClass, item)()
                    except AttributeError:
                        print("Unknown attribute", item, "ignored")

    def myTests():
        suite = unittest.TestSuite()
        return suite

if __name__== "__main__":
I have this piece of code wich reads a CSV file and runs a test(completeTest). The CSV file looks like this:


so each line in the CSV should be a test. Now everything that comes from the CSV lies under one test in my code. I want to run a test for each line in the CSV? How can I do this?
Thank you

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