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Help with code customization
Hello folks,

I am currently conducting some experiments in the area of Topic Modeling. For this I use a code from a corresponding tutorial. So far all of them work, but I would like to make an adjustment which I'm desperate about at the moment.


def format_topics_sentences(ldamodel=lda_model, corpus=corpus, texts=data):
    # Init output
    sent_topics_df = pd.DataFrame()

    # Get main topic in each document
    for i, row in enumerate(ldamodel[corpus]):
        row = sorted(row, key=lambda x: (x[1]), reverse=True)
        # Get the Dominant topic, Perc Contribution and Keywords for each document
        for j, (topic_num, prop_topic) in enumerate(row):
            if j == 0:  # => dominant topic
                wp = ldamodel.show_topic(topic_num)
                topic_keywords = ", ".join([word for word, prop in wp])
                sent_topics_df = sent_topics_df.append(pd.Series([int(topic_num), round(prop_topic,4), topic_keywords]), ignore_index=True)
    sent_topics_df.columns = ['Dominant_Topic', 'Perc_Contribution', 'Topic_Keywords']

    # Add original text to the end of the output
    contents = pd.Series(texts)
    sent_topics_df = pd.concat([sent_topics_df, contents], axis=1)

df_topic_sents_keywords = format_topics_sentences(ldamodel=optimal_model, corpus=corpus, texts=data)

# Format
df_dominant_topic = df_topic_sents_keywords.reset_index()
df_dominant_topic.columns = ['Document_No', 'Dominant_Topic', 'Topic_Perc_Contrib', 'Keywords', 'Text']

#Save .CSV File
#Save .XLSX File
df_dominant_topic.to_excel('OUTPUT/Topic_Overview.xlsx', 'Data_Overview')

# Show
At the moment a Pandas Dataframe is output in an Excel with 6 described columns.

Column 1: Continuous Index

Column 2: Document number

Column 3: Topics Number

Column 4: Topics Percentage

Column 5: Keywords on the corresponding topic

Column 6: Document

[Image: 1zyd7jk.jpg]

Only the highest percentage of x topics per document is displayed at the moment. (Screenshot_01)

Example: With document 0, topic 1 is added with 0.5491 because this value is the highest in the comparison of all percentages of x Topic_Perc_Contrib documents.

What I would like is to have a variable to determine how many topics actually exist and then output all topics with the corresponding values in connection with the documents. (Screenshot_02)

As an example here a manually created example with 4 topics but I would like to change this number manually so that the output would also change. Of course this should be repeated with all documents.

[Image: 2zebcwm.png]

Is there someone who can quickly see through this and nicely adapt it to me?

Thank you for your Answer Huh

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