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Linux command output not working
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Linux command output not working
Hi guys,

I am working on a network analysis tool for a project in college, I am using airodump-ng to find all networks in the general area,

when I run the following command airodump-ng wlan0 --write tempfile --output-format' in the python script nothing gets created but when I run it manually a csv file with the output will be created

from subprocess import Popen,PIPE
import sys,os
import csv        

        def execute_command(command):
        process = Popen(command,stdout=PIPE,stder=PIPE)
        return process.communicate()

tempfile = "\root\Desktop\networks
# instance of WPA class test_WPA created, only execute_command method is of relevance

out,err = test_WPA.execute_command(['airodump-ng','wlan0','--write',tempfile,'--output-format','csv'])

it does seem to be working now after I put my wireless card in

I changed the code a bit and made airodump-ng run in another thread

command = ['airodump-ng','wlan0','--write',tempfile,'--output-format','csv']
thread = threading.Thread(target= test_WPA.execute_command,args= (command, ))
the great thing it now creates the file, but the the process remains open I want the airodump-ng(thread) to stop running after 30 seconds, should set thread to be a daemon thread?? or is there another way I can get airodump to stop running after 30 seconds?

No threads needed

import time

def execute_command(command):
        process = Popen(command,stdout=PIPE,stder=PIPE)
The call communicate blocks until the process has been finished.
If you don't terminate the process, then it's running in the background and does not block.
In the case of a long running background process, you should return proc in your function.
My code examples are always for Python >=3.6.0
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thanks DeadEye

to get the output could I still do vv

  stdout,stderr = process.communicate()
  return stdout,stderr
this way I can still get the output from process.communicate() and return stdout and stderr respective outputs and also terminate the process

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