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Portable Python Programs?
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Portable Python Programs?
Hello, I'm new to Python and programming in general and I was wondering if there are any good portable python programs that can be stored on and ran from a USB. I'm looking for something that is quite small in size and doesn't require admin privileges to run.

Does anyone know of anything that fits this description?
Any help would be much appreciated.
You can download Python Embedded from the official site:
Then just unzip it and start the python.exe.
Then you'll get the repl. No installation is needed, no admin privileges

You can also use Online-Services like this:
A offline installation is better. This does not require an internet connection.
My code examples are always for Python >=3.6.0
Almost dead, but too lazy to die:
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Anaconda | Minconda(without packages)
Make our own packages needed with Miniconda:
conda install scipy pandas requests numpy jupyter
Anaconda/miniconda is a stand alone distribution,so can run from usb stick or just copy folder over to OS.

Running all in browser,i mean full Linux distro like unbuntu and can install with pip.
This by pass all admin privileges on OS,as all run in browser.
Here how it look when i run Cloud9.
[Image: f3g9hM.jpg]
Thank you both, I'll check them out!

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