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How to add a dataframe to an existing excel file
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How to add a dataframe to an existing excel file

I am trying to add a dataframe to an existing sheet. I don't see any error, but the data does not show on the sheet.

Is anyone able to tell me what am I missing?

Thank you!

#Grab dataframe from another excel sheet
df = pd.read_excel('C:/path/Dataframe_File.xlsx',sheetname='Data') 

#Open existing excel file
workbook1 = openpyxl.load_workbook('C:/path/Existing_File.xlsx')

writer = pd.ExcelWriter('C:/path/Existing_File.xlsx', engine='openpyxl') 

#Add dataframe to excel file 
It's just a guess but maybe you need administrator priviledges to write on that path (e.g. I have to run command prompt as administrator to use "pip install" just because it's on C drive, maybe that is also the case with saving your file)
I found a way around like this.

from openpyxl import load_workbook
workbook1 = openpyxl.load_workbook('file.xlsx')

writer = pd.ExcelWriter('file.xlsx', engine='openpyxl') = workbook1
new_file.to_excel(writer, sheet_name='Shee1',index=False,startrow=2,startcol=1)

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