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import pandas as pd not working in pclinuxos
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import pandas as pd not working in pclinuxos
Running python 3.6.5 in pclinuxos. Installed python3-pandas using Synaptic package manager. Tried to import pandas as pd but received "No module named pandas" message. Is this an address problem?
Do you have more than one version of python installed?
You may have installed Pandas to a version other than the one you intended to.
Try from command line:
python -V
pip -V
Do both point to desired version?
The answer is yes. When I tried to install IDLE and subsequently Sublime Text, the pclinuxos forum advised that I cannot remove it's version of Python2. After restoring Python2, I was able to run Python3 using both editors. I settled on Sublime Text. I am able to import cvs. Is pandas also a module?

I installed python3-pip, but the command could not find it. See the results below:

[bob@localhost ~]$ python -V
Python 2.7.9
[bob@localhost ~]$ pip -V
bash: pip: command not found
[bob@localhost ~]$
try: pip3 -V
and you may have to use python3 in python commands python3 -V

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