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Need Help Typing Text into Tough Form [xpath / selenium]
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Need Help Typing Text into Tough Form [xpath / selenium]
I'm struggling Huh I have no idea how to proceed. I just need to send text to these 2 fields.

The code is the exact same for both fields and its dynamic - it will switch between [1] and [2] depending which box I hover over.

How in the world do I send text to these?

[Image: vXqPVrk.jpg]

/html/body[@class='diy-creation-body show-action diy-new light-background web-body']/main[@class='container web']/div[@id='composer']/div[@class='diy-composer']/div[@class='current-step']/div/div[@class='trigger-fields']/form[@class='form']/div[@class='trigger-fields-container']/ul[@class='fields']/li[@class='field'][1]/span[@class='input']/div/div[@class='ingredients-text-field ingredients-text-field-text ingredients-text-field-on-color']/div[@class='growing-text-area']/textarea[@class='hidden-text']


Got it. My Xpath helper plugin was bugging out. I used a new one and it gave me everything I needed, nice and clean and easy!

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