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Beautiful Soup find_all()
Hi, I have problems doing webscrapping with this code from Google Search.

I am looking to get the top 10 titles from any search made in Google Search but all i get is the following:

I even tried the search string to h3 tag but code doesnt even run then.

Appreciate any help thanks.

My search results are:
Enter your search string : engineer
['engineer0 - Google Search']
['engineer1 - Google Search']
['engineer2 - Google Search']
['engineer3 - Google Search']
['engineer4 - Google Search']
['engineer5 - Google Search']
['engineer6 - Google Search']
['engineer7 - Google Search']
['engineer8 - Google Search']
['engineer9 - Google Search']

titles = soup.find_all("title")
for title in titles:
If you look at data you get back when using Requests and Beautiful Soup.
You will see that's is a big mess,this is because Google search use JavaScript heavily.
You will not find h3 tag or title(only for search word) in output.

I have done this task for before i 2-3 year ago for this question then did i used PhantomJS.
Now today is Selenium with Chrome and FireFox web-driver what's used.
Look at Web-scraping part-2.
Quote:God dammit JavaScript, why do i not get all content

Test my old code rewrite to use Selenium,search for python forum
I only post output,give it some effort and try to use these tool yourself.
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Hi snippsat, thanks for the reply. I was using some chromedrive codes previously but did not know what it was for. I will look at your old post first. Thanks.

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