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spwd module missing in iOS

does someone know why spwd module is missing on iOS Python? I cannot install it using pip nor conda?
It is present on my Ubuntu/Debian machines and in sources available to download (spwdmodule.c)?

Best Regards

quote for the module's documentation:

"This module provides access to the Unix shadow password database. It is available on various Unix versions.
You must have enough privileges to access the shadow password database (this usually means you have to be root)."

So I guess iOS either doesn't have the shadow pw database or there is not way to access it from Python. So I'm afraid you have to live without this module on iOS.

Regards, noisefloor
Hm, I read the docs but AFAIK Ansible's user module (which uses spwd) worked before, maybe they introduced a bug?

I do not use Ansible, so I don't know. However, using the spwd module requires Root access, and I doubt that this is possible on a restricted OS like iOS.

Regards, noisefloor

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