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Problem with arguments in route function.
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Problem with arguments in route function.
I need to have two arguments in my search_results2 function but it keeps saying missing 1 required positional argument. I have no idea what to do with it i have two in there but it still saying one is missing. Could anyone help me with this?

TypeError: search_results2() missing 1 required positional argument: 'search2'
def search_results2(username, search2):
    results = []
    search_string =['search2']

    if search_string:
        if['select'] == 'Enummer':
            qry = db_session.query(Matrial, Enummer).filter(
            results = [item[0] for item in qry.all()]
        elif['select'] == 'Varumärke':
            qry = db_session.query(Matrial).filter(
            results = qry.all()
        elif['select'] == 'Produkt':
            qry = db_session.query(Matrial).filter(
            results = qry.all()
            qry = db_session.query(Matrial)
            results = qry.all()
        qry = db_session.query(Matrial)
        results = qry.all()

    if not results:
        flash('No results found!')
        return redirect(url_for("user_home", username=username))
        # display results
        table = Results2(results)
        table.border = True
        return render_template('results.html', table=tabl, username=username)

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Problem with arguments in route function. - by darktitan - Aug-25-2019, 09:02 AM

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