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How to split string after delimiter
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How to split string after delimiter
I have a string as below, I want to split after each "html" and extract the first string after split.
I use below code, but I can be able to split after the delimiter.

My desired output is :JKl:TOGGLE:HJAK.htm
I would just add the htm then after splitting as str.split removes the delimiter. You need to add a portion of it back. There are a number of ways to do that
>>> [f'{e}html' for e in s.split('html') if e][0]
(Sep-11-2019, 10:58 AM)SriRajesh Wrote: :JKl:TOGGLE:HJAK.htm
Where is the first colon coming from as that is not in the original string?
If you want to add a colon:
>>> [f':{e}html' for e in s.split('html') if e][0]
or remove l from html
>>> [f':{e}html' for e in s.split('html') if e][0][:-1]
NOTE: my response is using f-strings from python3.6

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